With great pride I’d like to present the ES-90 battery activator. If you’ve been following Jehugarcia on youtube then you’ve seen his scooter batteries. Our activator board sends the unlock code to the battery every 5 seconds and can be powered directly from the ES-90 scooter battery. No more having to use a separate Arduino and buck converter.

6 thoughts on “ES-90 scooter battery activator

  1. Faustian Bargain,

    I just received your package for ES-90. Product was missing. Only items in the box were, bubble wrap, instructions and Thanks for your purchase letter.
    Box wasn’t damaged during shipping.

    Hope you can send me ES-90 soon.

    Noel Igauye

    Sent from Noel’s iPhone

    Sent from Noel’s iPhone

  2. Like to get some
    How do I do that
    These are already programmed and ready to go?

    How many do I need if I want to Pharrell 2 pack then connect those two pack in series for 72v. 28amps?

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